Kaymakam Özgür Azer Kurak Secondary School Turkey

Our school is in Izmir, the third largest city of Turkey which is located in a seashore area at the West coast of Turkey. We have economical and educational advantages of being such a modern and historical city. We have secondary education in our public school. Our students are between the ages of 10-14. We have nearly 1300 students enrolled in this year. Also there are nearly 70 teachers in our school. We combine education and fun in our school by using new teaching strategies and technologies. Sportive activities are also very important. We have a football team, a volleyball team and a drama club. On special days, the students present some special plays. Our students are interested in music, too. As a school, we have an ICT lab for our students. There are 30 computers in the lab. We have 23 students with special educational needs. Also we have a special class for 4 autistic students. The most important economic resources are industry, tourism and agriculture. The economic standard is high in general but on the other hand the area where the school is located is in underdeveloped region of the city. There are a lot of families who migrate from the east part of Turkey and generally have low income.

Our students from those families are limited in learning new languages, involving in social activities and experiencing new cultures. Furthermore, our school has limited income apart from the government support.

As educators, we think that such a Project will help us increasing the students’ awareness and creativity because we really know that experience is better than explanation.  Our students need this kind of project to get motivated to learn a foreign language and sample different cultures. Thanks to this project and mobility activities, our children will see different cultures and places. Thus, they will begin to think critically and can compare differences consciously instead of with prejudices.

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