Taraşçı Şehit Okan Altıparmak Secondary School Turkey

We are a small school at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Our school is in Taraşcı which is a small town of Seydişehir, Konya. Taraşçı is in the Central Anatolian region.

Firstly I want to mention about the neighborhood that my school is surrounded. We are surrounded with both natural beauties and historical places. First of all, because of having a green nature, abundant  and fertile soils, the native population  deals with agriculture and green housing. There are a lot of agricultural greenhouses, for this reason  there is a dam that supplies water as a source. It is a natural source for the people’s water need for agriculture.

Secondly, there is an important  natural value in our immediate surrounding: “Tınaztepe cave”. It is the longest cave with its 1650 m length. It is regarded as one of the seven beauties of Konya. Tınaztepe cave forms an important part of the historical and natural diversity of the region. We are also so close to another natural beauty of the region: Beyşehir lake. It is famous for its magnificent sunset. Additionally,  there is a natural high forest park named as Koca Koru Natural Park. It is one of the most important natural environment areas of the district.

We know our roots: “Mevlana Celaledin-i Rumi”  when somebody comes to our region, the city of tolerance “Konya”,  it is inevitable to hear his name because he is a universal symbol of our region who gets beyond the limits of the world with his mercy, modesty and unlimited humanity. He is known as Rumi by the western people. He lived in 13th century but as a Sufi, he got beyond the ages with his works. He didn’t make any discrimination among  people as we see in his verses “come, come whoever you are.” He had an endless tolerance and he is accepted worldwide as an  intellectual with his point of view to the people and life.

Related to my school, first of all, here is a brief information about Taraşcı School. We have 260 students and  23 teachers. We continue the education  together  with  as a primary  and secondary school. There are a special education class, a science lab and a library. In the library there aren’t just books, novels and children periodicals but there is also a wide range of  mind games (intelligence games). We play mind games in the library.

We conducted different activities related to eco friendly actions. There is a school forest area named eco friendly actions. We planted trees with our students last year and we are going to expand our school forest. Additionally, we have been conducting a waste battery project in order to achieve recycle and reuse of wastes. By this way, we increased the young awereness and consciousness of how important being eviromentally friendly individuals for their future.

We have got a lot of projects and ideas. The most important point is we are eager to involve in new projects too. I want to give some examples related to what we have done up to now:

we conducted three different e-twinning projects with diffrent partners  from Europe.

these projects affected our school atmosphere positively. Here are the links,




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