Sauga Pohikool Estonia

Sauga Põhikool is a primary school situated in a rural area in Western Estonia near Pärnu. It is a public educational establishment that offers general compulsory education to forms 1-9 (to students 7-16). It is a small local school with 147 students and 21 staff members. We educate students from surrounding parishes. School offers regular daily full-time study – teachers teach pupils basic knowledge about math, English language, history, etc, but we also involve students in different events and out of class activities. We have long distance learning option for adult students from Estonia who want to get primary education. It is also possible to study while being abroad because most of the learning process is long distance and via the Internet.  The school provides transportation to and from school, it has a long day group with catering and several hobby lessons – students can play musical instruments, sing in a choir and study English.  The school has a speech therapist/learning support teacher who effectively supports the students with learning difficulties. Sauga school supports the principles of inclusive education : students with learning difficulties study in regular class, but get the necessary help.  The school is multicultural – the students with different cultural/ethnic background (Russian – speaking parents, Romani people) study in regular classes and are well-integrated into school life. The background of students is mixed, varying from middle class to disadvantaged families.  School has previous experience with different projects. We highly value our staff and our pupils. We want to school our students and also our teachers as much as possible. Our aim is to broaden our school members minds.

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