About the project


About the project

We prepared All Equal, All Different, All European Taking Eco Friendly Actions Project taking inspiration from the motto “live well within the limits of our planet.”
As Coordinator country, Turkey Konya-Taraşcı Secondary School prepared Ka2 project “ECO FRIENDLY ACTIONS” with four partners as Lithuania, Romania, Estonia and Turkey-İzmir. Project was approved.
This etwinning project will be one of the important parts of our Ka2 project because we are going to conduct activities at the same time in twinspace together with partners. One of the priorities of Ka2 project is developing digital skills which are also one of the most necessary skills to achieve sustainable success and goals. By the way digital skills which are one of the eight key skills among the Erasmus+ priorities and ICT tools are in the priorities of our project for this reason during the project, we are going to use etwinning, twinspace and ICT Tools (canva, glogster, padlet, tagul) effectively.


We aim to;
-support students to develop innovative and environmentally friendly ideas.
-educate individuals acting more sensitively towards environmental problems
-contribute the young’s being more conscious towards environmental issues.
-stop environment pollution
-raise environmental awareness
-awake responsibility for environment through our students’ eco friendly actions

Work process

During the project;
We are going to conduct some Ka2 project activities at the same time in etwinning and twinspace page together with partners.

Expected results

We aim to reach results as; among pupils and teachers
Improvement of foreign language proficiency among pupils and teachers
Developing cross cultural awareness towards other participants
Raising awareness of Active European citizenship
Having the awareness of polluting environment less and protecting the nature more effectively
Taking part in environmental actions in every aspect of life
Taking more responsibility about efficient use of natural sources
Taking part in social activities
Developing digital skills via effective use of ICT Tools (web tools)
A public twinspace in which the partners can share their work with the local/international community;
Public publication of the twinspace on the school sites;